CI Pad required standard SIM (not micro or nano). We do not recommend to use the frame remaining in the plastic card after you already chose smaller size for your SIM instead of a proper adapter (the SIM does not hold in such a frame properly and could get stuck inside the CI Pad; and is real pain to insert, too ;-).

SD card – you will need “micro” SD card, size up to 64GB.

The seals covering ports are quite tight (that is necessary to ensure water-tightness). In case you are not able to open them with your nail, use narrow, but not sharp (you could damage the seal) object to open them, e.g. tip of a small nail file. Do not push the tool too deep – the recess in the CI Pad’s body is enough (otherwise you will damage the seal).

Insert your SIM and SD card into the appropriate port in orientation as shown on the picture: 

Both SIM and SD card need to pushed into the port deep – beyond the inner edge of the port. If placed correctly, you will hear a “click”. We recommend to use appropriate object as a tool (narrow, but not sharp to prevent damage to the port. 

After inserting the cards, do not forget to properly seal the ports – the seal must be level with the body of CI Pad (and not sticking out).