Since we have a lot of questions about navigation features of Locus Map Pro, please note the following:

Locus provides both online and offline routing capabilities. The offline routing is, however, not contained in the map sources and must be downloaded separately via Brouter application.

If you wish (or need to because of no or insufficient data connection) to use offline routing, Brouter must be selected in the navigation settings as the navigation data source (default routing data source is GraphHopper, which is only available for online routing). When selected for the first time, Locus will offer you a download link automatically. Following the installation of the Brouter app, you need to download the routing data through the Brouter. Routing data can be downloaded individually for a specific area. Do not interrupt the download, or you will need to start the downloading over (depending on the number of selected areas, the download may take a while. We recommend to download only a few areas at a time, especially if you are in hurry).

For more details, please refer to the online Locus manual (accessible directly from Locus app menu screens – three dots in top right corner).