To transfer files to / from CI Pad via USB cable:

  1. Make sure you are using data cable (some cables are charging only – usually those with white plastic inside the port facing the computer). Make sure you are using either the cable supplied with CI Pad or other USB-A to USB – C cable with a narrow USB – C head (some cables have rather bulky plastic at the USB – C end, which could prevent proper insertion of the connector into the CI Pad USB port
  2. Plug cable in a USB port on your computer
  3. Plug USB C connector to CI Pad USB socket
  4. Your computer should report a new connected device and CI Pad should indicate it is charging (battery icon with lightning symbol) in the notification area (icons at the uper edge of the display). If not, check that the cable is seated properly in ports, check that the cable is not broken (try connecting other device). If still no joy, reboot your computer and CI Pad.
  5. Open pull-down system menu on CI Pad – press at the upper edge of the display and slide down. You will also see a list of system and apps notifications. Scroll down to the item “USB charging options” and tap it

A menu with options for USB port will open

Tap “Transfer files”

Now you can browse the CI Pad memory and SD Card via a file manager on your computer (e.g. Explorer in
Windows), copy, paste and move back-and-forth files between your computer and CI Pad